Guoqiang Li, Ph.D., Professor

Major Morris S. & DeEtte A. Anderson Memorial Alumni Professor;

John W. Rhea, Jr. Professorship in Engineering

Courses Taught at Louisiana State University

1. CE2460: Dynamics and Vibration

2. ME2212: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design

3. ME4163: Intermediate Dynamics

4. ME3903: Special Projects for Undergraduates

5. CE3740: Independent Study in Civil Engineering

6. ME4201: Machine Design Lab

7. ME4783: Composite Materials

8. ME 4243: Capstone Design I

9. ME 4202: Capstone Design II


Courses Taught at Southern University

1. ENGR120: Freshman Engineering I (monitoring)

2. MEEN235: Material Science and Engineering

3. MEEN330: Materials Science and Engineering

4. MEEN 335: Materials Processing

5. CIEN361: Structure Analysis (monitoring)

6. MEEN491: Special Projects I

7. MEEN565: Characterization of Materials

8. MEEN588: Topics in Materials Science

9. MEEN 600: Thesis


Courses Taught at other Universities in China

1. Principle of Pavement Design (Hebei University of Technology);

2. Traffic Engineering (Hebei University of Technology);

3. Retaining Structures (Hebei University of Technology);

4. Asphalt and Asphalt Mix (Southeast University);

5. Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (Hebei University of Technology);

6. Specialty English Reading (Hebei University of Technology);

7. Capstone Design (Hebei University of Technology).

Teaching Experience